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Me and my friend :3 on a front page today :3 by Stormdeathstar9
Me and my friend :3 on a front page today :3… here the website if you want to see the other but I thought it was awesome of this guy!:3 And this probably be the only one that I'll get to see
NEW OC: RAILIANA (in sketch form) by Stormdeathstar9
NEW OC: RAILIANA (in sketch form)
So I just randomly doodle/sketching when I got this character came in mind. She kinda remind me of the character from hell boy, hell boy himself xD so there be a more awesome and seductive character coming to town :3 
And to say her name is rail-ah-nah it's kinda givens a roll off the tongue to say her name :3 
So please comment, and fav please! 
Railiana(c) stormdeathstar9
Chapter 14 

As the night continued on I was soon woken up again, but this time my alarm clock during this nightmare I was having. 

I was sitting on a swing, enjoying my time in the forest. It seem all fine, until I found myself tied up and hanging over a pool of water; that wasnt any normal water. As I try to get out of the rope, I started fall, not into the water, but into someone's arms. 

Looking at who it was, all I saw was black spike hair, red armor and insteadly knew who it was, Madara. I try to get way from him but when I did, a chain appeared around my neck, arms and legs and dragged me back to bastard that killed my boyfriend! But not realizing, the scene had changed and I was in the cell, the one that I was held in for a week or more, until I could escape. 

Looking down I saw myself in a different way, she wasn't strong looking or brave... Only thing that suddenly change was hearing myself screaming as I heard some other voice but unheard as I knew something was happening to me. And knew it was Madara's doing.... But next thing I knew was some time of place, I dont know but it was inruins, corpses everywhere and up head where two people killing the innocents. Not realizing that when I caught up to them I was in one of their places covered in blood and looking at Madara...
~end of dream~

I sighed and looked at the clock, 7 am, I must of slept threw the alarm? I got up and when to bathroom to shower and get ready for today. 

Once dressed I headed down stairs and over to the kitchen, after looking for something to eat. I started to cook it, bacon, eggs, and some waffles. After cooking them, I put some on the plate, grab a fork and sat at the island and started to eat. Pastime, onces done with breakfast I clean, dried and put the dish and pan away. 

Deciding to head out and train for a little in the back yard. Going to the front and grabbing my shoes before heading to the back door. I grab a bottle of water and heard out. 


As time past by, I was a bit breathless on my high kicks, back flips and punches on the tree with padding. Not feeling like doing my jutsus today and took a drink of my water and thought about heading into town. But just as I got inside I hear a knock on the door. 

First thought that came was Zio, but as a I looked threw the speakeasy, it was an ANBU, ok that strange what they want?; I thought. 

"Yes, can I help you?" I raise a brow a bit. 

"we have something that you might want to see, Star" the voice sounded familiar. Kaito was his name, he use to be on my team before I left the ANBU. But still I could be called in for a mission with them if they need me, and I guess they found something that was related to me. I closed the door and locked the door and followed Kaito to where he was taking me. 

While we where running along the forest, it was familiar as we got near the based that we called "the dome", for it round half sphere roof that when into the ground. As a huge tree growing over the side and the roots covering the top and the around the entry. 

We headed inside towards a hallway that lead to a room with top secret idems and weapons. I looked around trying to see what it was that they wanted to show me. As Kaito when to a table that was under a operating light, there where some other ANBU around it as well. Raising an eye brow I was really curisty of what it was. As I got closer to the table, the ANBU move to let me see. It something that looked familiar, but why? 

"So does this weapon, and book look familiar, Star?" one the male ANBU on my right asked.

I nodded my head, "It does but I don't recalled where I saw it... Before, where did you find these objects?" I looked at the book and had crest of a moon and my last name on it as for the sword, it did look like a sword I would use. 

"Mind if I have look at the sword?" I looked at the man that spoke. 

He nodded, and then answer, "As for where we found these, they where in your old temple that was destroy by the Akatsuki. After being sent out there, we where told to give these to you, Star, but you know we can't let give these to you until we know they belong to you." 

"I understand" I spoke and then was handed the sword. As I held the sword it sudden transformed, as it when into my hand like my normal sword but instead of claws my hand became a gun or a cannon (it kind looks like the gun from portal just to give you an idea of what it looks like but instead of white it silver). 

I looked at as everyone else did, "strange" I mumbled. 

"This intresting, I've never seen a sword do that before." one the ANBU spoke.

"I have, my sword that I carry does the same but instead of this it makes my fingers into claws" I explained to the ANBU. 

"Intresting, indeed" he said and then got closer to examine my right arm. 

"can you undo it?" he asked as he watched the cannon weapon started to melt and quickly slide down my arm and into the shape of my hand, then formed to the sword original form. 

"can this be be used by anyone?" he looked up at me threw his mask to see his green eyes showing; I shook my head no.

"I don't think so, but it might be a nature element enhancer or a family bloodline type. Has it change when anyone else touch it?" 

"No, but since your natural element is lightening, maybe they can use it as well." 

I looked at Kaito, I remember him telling me about his element, I think it was lightening like mine. 

"Hey Kaito, don't you have lightening element?" I asked.

He nodded, "Yes but I have two natural elements, water and lightening." 

"hmm, let see if it work for you" I said as I handed him the sword as he took his glove off and touched it. At first it look like things where going to happen, but instead the sword regretted him and burned him a bit, more like a light sunburn. 

"Ow" he hissed as he dropped the sword onto the table looking at his hand.
"Are you alright?" I asked, he nodded. "I guess that solves the answer if other lightening user can use this sword." 

"not really, I bet there others that can use a sword like this and do some serious damage to the village or other nations as well." 

I nodded, "I understand, if you don't want it to stolen keep it here and give me the book" I requested. As one them gave me the book, it was lighter then it looked. 
I stared at the navy blue book with the sliver moon that hung over the sliver field. As this was inside the circle that had writting around the top and bottom "Origin of the Tsukino clan". I started to read the first page of the book.

~the beginning~ 

During the time of the full moon phases the Tsukino clan was always out in about. Lurking in the fields of their enemies, and using the field to reflected the moon off to distract the enemy from knowing where they where as they attacked. But no one really knew who powers starting to waken with in them, but the problem was it was most of the females that had it first before the males did where married off to a far way clan called the Uchiha clan. Since they need a stronger clan during that time....

But as this was happening they noticed once in while a young girl powers would became uncontrollable at the mean time causing death all around them. With that they try to control it and use those powers to go to battle during the great ninja war 1 but it because unable to see the genuin girls die in the hands of the enemy. 

As the time when by they started to sent the girls to a temple that was close to the uchiha compound so when they where old enough they get married. 


After that I stopped reading the page and my right eye seem to be twitching at that. I try to stay calm since I was still in the dome, I sighed and lefted with the book stored in my scroll before leaving the area and telling them if I fine anything, I'll report to them and vice verses from them. 

Once out side I literally kicked a tree as hard as I can, "seriously I can't believe no one told me about this!" I was furious beyond belief of what I been threw just fine out that I was suppose to be with a UCHIHA!! God, if this true then screw that I'm not marring HIM, I hissed. I want to be with Zio and no one else! I literally what to threw something at the idiot who made that stupid idea of my clan with the Uchiha! 


After a while of throwing a fit over what the book said about, all I want to do was crawl under a rock and never come out! I even bet that ass of a uchiha that want me knew about this! Gaaaah, I screamed as I headed inside of my house after unlocking the door and kicking my shoes off....

And head up to my room to flop on my bed and sigh heavyly into my pillow I buried my face into. I didn't feel like move the rest of the day, as it when by but got bored and decided to grab that scroll that contained the book in it. And summoned the book out as I use some of my blood, now staring at the stupid book that was in my lap. I decided to read more of it to see if there was anything else I should know. 


As time past by I learned a lot about my clan, well, what was written in this book. I noticed that reason they made the girls marry the uchiha's because of our black hair and dark grey eyes because we look just like them if you didn't pay attention. So the children would never know the differents or tell who was who from which clan their from. I sighed at least we don't have their insane obsession over vengeance or a person, I hints at the thought of Madara Uchiha. 

I sighed and put the book back into the scroll and when to my study room/office to hide this scroll in the attic above the little closet that was in there. After that was done and closing and locking the door while put a cover back over it and incase they where to fine it will they be electrocuted right on spot if they get into the attic.

Once out the closet and office room, I headed down to stairs and looked for anything to eat for lunch. Ahhh, what the heck I'll go out for lunch... I sighed as nothing seem to bring me intrest of eating, after week or two of not being here, with all food I bought still here. 

After getting cleaned up abit and getting my wallet. I headed out the house after locking up and walked to the village...

I soon came cross the Ichiraku Ramen shop and decide to head there for lunch. After ordering the usual, I watched the owner making my bowl of ramen.

As I waited I noticed from the corner of my eye some crop brown hair, blue jacket, Ido.

"hey" I spoke softly to her as she say next to me. She noticed the small greeting and looked over giving me a warm welcoming smile. 

"hey, didn't noticed yah there" she chucked. But something seemed off like she knew something but was keeping away from me.  I hope it's not doing with ethan, Fand and Kymime. Just when I was about to ask her I was distracted when my order was called out and placed infront of me. 

I sighed and thought it was nothing to over act on and started to eat. A flavor I always loved since I first had this order of ramen, the chicken and beef broth mixed together, the taste of the egg, and the narutuamki or fish cake as some people call it.  I grab my chop sticks and said my thanks for the food before chowing or slurring in my case. 

As I ate I noticed from the corner of my eye how different Ido was acting, she seem to quiet for her personality.  But by the time I was finished, I looked at her and asked, "what seem to be on your mind, Ido? You seem quieter then normal." 

She looked at me with a hasy look before coming back from her thoughts and actually looked at me. 

"sorry, it's nothing that you should be worried about" she chuckled nervously. 

"oh ok" I looked at her with the expression of "really", but left it be. 

"so~, how the gang doing?" 
"their doing find, Ethan and Fand are on a mission and wouldn't be back till tomorrow night" she said a bit glum for a moment before looking back up and smiled at me. "but at least you're here" she said with a cheer. 

I nodded and realized I need to go train, "hey, do you want train with me after your done with your food?"

"sure why not" she smiled once more. 

By the time she was done and the food was paid for, we headed towards the training ground. 

While we walked threw the village and saw the traffic of people coming and going through stores, and up and down streets, it was quiet peaceful for some reason. As we got through that and toward the forest, we head down the path that lead to the field. It green and lushish and full of life while walking under these over grown trees. 
It took a while to get the field. But it was wroth it, as we got there and looked around the place. Just when I went to turn around she was gone, I smirked as the train has already began. 
I quickly disappeared out of sight and when to fine her first. As this happen I sudden feel something behind me and quickly turned around and caught the object, which was a fist. 

"too slow" I smirked and then caught her other hand and quickly blocked her by kicking her way. She stopped her self from getting to far and dissapeared to only try to kick me in the back when I jumped into the tress. 
With that she used a wind style jutsu, to blow me off the tree and on the ground. I dissapeared leaving a log in my place to sudden appear behind her with a kunai to her neck. 

She chuckled, "ok you win" I knew that wasn't true as she turned into water when I kicked her. "a water clone really!" I said out loud. I hear her laugh and threw my kunai in her area and she caught it. 


It felt like a hour or more when by from the spar, we had small cuts and scratches on us from that as we finished up and called it a day. 
It about mid afternoon when we finished and headed to the hot springs to clean up and got some food in our bellies afterward. 

Pretty much we end up hanging out at her place, she live with her brother Kaito but he most of the time on missions because he part the anbu. I'm kinda glad that I'm not part of it so much like I use to, but still on the side lines, I guess you can say if they need help, I'll be ready. 

I sighed and looked at the what visible patches of starry sky that wasn't covered by the trees. And started to move back and forwards on the chair swing that was on her front porch. 

"so want play a game?" ido asked, out the blue when she came outside when I wasn't paying attention. 

I looked at her, "sure, what should we play?" I said with a cheerful smile. 
"shougi?" she question. 
"ok then" I got up and walked inside with my shoes already off I headed to the small but cozy white and blue style living room, as she already had the game ready and set for us to play. 

About 2 hours when by and I smoked her most the time when we played and sometime by luck she would win.
I yawn a bit and looked at the near by clock and saw it was a quarter to 10 at night. 

"I guess I should be going its late." I spoke. 

"oh, no why not just crash here for the night, you look to tired to get home" she chuckled a little. 

"Ahhh, why not, ill stay" I smiled. And with that she head up and gave me some pjs I end up leaving here for something like this, and no it's not weird. 

I then head to the bathroom, changed and bushed my teeth with the extra brush she had laying around. 


In the end we end up sharing a bed, since hers was big enough to fit almost three people on it. We had plenty of room, and since we couldnt used her brother room because he locks his bedroom door before leaving. So it was no big deal. 

Before I fell sleep I could hear the fait snoring from Ido as she slept and looked at the white ceiling that was surround by purple walls, and posters. 

I then looked over her to look out at the window and before I fell sleep I saw appear of red eyes watching me.


Yay I'm done with chapter 14!!
 Sorry for making you guys wait for so long I was having troubles with ideas on this, my new story i been writing, college, making videos, and having a writers block on this story so it really lagged on for a couple of months and I'm very sorry about that :( and I hope I'll get back in the mode to writing more of this and try to make it more exciting to write :3 

Who could it be that at the window? >:3 

So fav/vote/heart, 


share, and comment! :3

~Thanks for reading!~ 💙
I can't escape this torture life ::chapter:14::
Anyways I hope you guys will like this and If there anything wrong sorry! >.< 
Characters that don't belong to be belong to their rightful owners 
Please comment and fav please! 
Star and my other oc belong to me! 

check out my other vids and if you have a youtube Account i'll be happy if you subscribe if you like my stuff and want more please... if you dont just comment belong on what your thoughts are on this video please!! :3
i might add more to the journal later....


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