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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter2: smexy time (lol lemon)

Ticci Toby’s pov

I sighed as I was a bit nerves of what he was going to say. But I guess I'll find out when I head to his office to speak with him.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door.

“Yes?” I half chocked out when I spoke.

“Slenderman want to see you now, Toby” I heard Jeff said on the other side.  

“Ok” I got up and sighed, well, I guess it time then, but why so quick now? Why not later? I thought as I headed to my door and open to see Jeff standing there smirking like the ass he was. “What?”

“Oh nothing, just something been odd about you lately but why the fuck do I care you nothing but shit, Toby” he smiled even more, I twitched as I started to walk away from him ignoring his stupid comment. As I knew he was doing a stupid dramatic twitching.  Which I flipped him off as I headed to slender’s offices. Which probably pissed Jeff off but he didn't come after me when I normal do that, weird he probably going after someone else, better be sure he not following me. I then took a quick glance behind me and he was there but on the other side pestering Jane to piss her off. I sighed and keep going toward slender’s office. That was in the third hallway that was near my room area. But who gives a shit about the inside because it all white and plain on the inside of these hallways like we are in side. And spot one or two mirrors or pictures along the way through. I sighed as I got closer and closer to the office door. I took a breath and knocked on the door, to hear a faint, “come in” from slender. Here goes nothing. I open the door and when in as I closed it, “yes master? You want me?” I asked.

But instead of a response he suddenly in front of me. I feel my face heat up for some reason, I try to hide it but I knew he could probably tell. Even with my mouth guard and glasses on I bet he could even see it.

Just as he bent down to face me he reach out and grab my shoulder and we sudden appeared in a room I've never seen before. But what made me blush harder was that he was now hovering over me as we laid on a bed.  With me underneath him, I didn't know what to say, other then this stupid question, “ummm, master what are you doing?” I asked nervously and with shyness. Slender chuckled and slid my mouth guard and glasses off me with his tentacle in a gentle way. I seem to blush from this gesture as he did this. And got back up to give me space as I sat up a bit confused because I knew he didn't know what I was going to tell him, right? I thought as I looked at him as he looked at a painting caught in thought.

“Master?” I asked to get his attention.
“Yes, Toby?”

I took breath, and spoke, “master, I would like you take my virginity before anyone else takes it”

“Are you sure?” He asked without hesitation, and I nodded my head.

“I think that giving it to you, will make me more loyal to you then anything, master.” I explained to him and a small twitch of my foot. It almost look like he was thinking for a moment before he agreed to my proposal.


It didn't feel real or seem real, it felt like a dream for some reason.
All to slow but fast at the same time, as I laid there half naked on the bed with my bandages and my boxers being the last thing covering my body. I knew that girls when they lost their virginity it's painful at first before pleasure kicks in. I wonder since I'm now one them, will I feel pain? Or not?
My thoughts soon brought me back to my surrounding with my master only now in pants, as he grab a bottle of clear liquid, and walked back over to the bed. My started to race from what was going to happen, as I said before it felt to slow for the action to happen.

But before I could get up for a second I was pushed back down, by slender as he stood on the side the bed, hovering over me. As I then hear a faint tearing of cloth like material being ripped open for slendermans’ mouth to be reveal. I gasped a little as he licked my neck with his long black tongue. Unused to this sensation of pleasure building up inside of me as slender worked his way to undoing my bandages. I sudden felt the need to hide for some reason but before I could move my arms, slender had his appendages rapped gentle but firm around my arms keeping them from moving. I could feel my cheeks heating up from this as he finished undoing the bandages around my chest.

As he then started to creast and lick at my breasts. I panting a bit as he did that, and soon took the chance to devour my mouth as I had my mouth open a bit. Taking that to slide his own black tongue into my mouth, and didn't leave any area in my mouth untouched. I moaned a little as I kissed him back, as his other tentacles gentle creast my body and sides. Taking his time, I felt some the tentacles rapped around my legs and started taking my boxers off and spreading my legs after he got them off. I gasped at the feeling and felt something down in my womanhood area starting to heat up as the cool air touch that area for second.

With this slender arises up to let me have air as he as then let other one of his tentacles to come out.
Then spoke to me, “toby, I know that offender changed you but since we both don't know if you could bear children, I'm going to be putting a liquid inside to prevent you from it, just to be on the save side, and since knowing other, we wouldn't be wanting a you have a child if any them aren't smart enough to use protection. But if your still a female, and by change you want to bare some offspring the liquid inside you will fade away.”

I understood his directions, but my brain wasn't so sure if this really work, “master, has this work? And can we just be cautious and you wear protection?”  He knew I was worried about that part because I know what can happen if there was no protection I could end up getting possibly pregnant. He agreed to it to keep me calm down. And before his tentacle enter I try to relax as much as possible as he then used the clear fluid on the tentacle to make the penetration more smooth.    

With this he when back to what he was doing, before telling me what he was going to do, I soon felt that sensation coming back as I feel his tentacle slide inside me, God was it thick but I bet it's not a thick as what's coming next.

As he started to pumping it slowly inside me as it wigged inside finding spots I never knew where there. I gasped and moan as slender swallowed them up as he kissed me. Before soon I felt warm fluid entering me as he then slide another inside of me trying to prepare me for was coming, as it did hurt a little bit as he did this, I could feel some the fluid mixed with my arousement coming out making me more wet then anything.

Once after he was done prepping me and getting out the rest of his clothes, he then got between my legs, already fully erected or so I thought as I couldn't believe that was going to fit inside of me.

“Ready?” He asked. And with that I nodded my head. Preparing for the worst, I try to relax as much as possible. As he enter me if felt bigger then it actually was, I bit my lip as he pressed further into me. Before soon he was all the away inside me, and it hurted a lot more then I thought it would be. But God, I swear he got a lot thicker and longer then before, stretching me more out then before. I suddenly twitched as I gasped from how full I was down there, as he soon started to take himself out and getting a glimpse of my innocence blood on his staff. As he then grab a the bottle of liquid to lubricate himself so it be less painful down there then before. As he then re-enter me was lot more ease now, as this was happening I started to adjusted to his size one more. As he was waiting he then started to kiss my neck and creasing my side to get pleasure to come back.

I started to move my hips a little to indicate I was ready. Once he started to move inside me, it did feel tight down there when he moved but as pleasure started to build up once more I could feel him slide out easier now.
Before I realized it I was wanting more, as he soon found my spot inside me.

“Gwad, slender~!” I couldn't help but moan out loud as he hit that certain spot inside me.

As he continued to ram into me, he then lifted my right leg over his shoulder as he repeatedly hit my g-spot. I couldn't help but moan out loudly to almost screaming out to my master. As my eyes seem to roll into the back of my head as my back arched upward as he took the chance to suckle at my breasts. Creating more lushly moans and cries for my master as I feel exhilarated like I did when I started killing for my master. Before soon I felt so close to climaxing but was still seeming to want more. As he continued to thrust hard into my small frame, I was still emitting loud moans and pants. Gwad, I was so horny if I want it, this much suddenly. As I caught up in pleasure and thought, I suddenly feel a tentacle slither its way into my ass. It slowly slide in as I seem to want more, for some reason. With out realizing it, I hear slender chuckled as I’m guessing, he noticed my expression on my face, as he drives into my neck attacking it with his black tongue and teeth. I moaned out so loudly out his name it mixture of moan and scream.

Before I even realized it I had came but it didn't seem to take out the flame that was still roaring inside my lower stomach. Even being fill in both ends, it didn't feel like it was enough. And soon he add second appendage inside my ass to join in the frenzy of this sensual ritual. I moaned out as my hips bucked upwards to met his thrust as he started to go faster suddenly, almost into a inhuman pace. But some reason my body absolutely love every bit of it this fast pacing sex. And when he started to speed up, I felt another tentacle slither down my stomach and down to my womanhood and started to stroke the sensitive flesh down there. I couldn't help but tight round him and his tentacles as I felt another climaxing happening. I was panting so hard that I lightly covered in sweat from this sensual ride, fuck fest. As he could tell by the way my body was reacting to him, he was even faster to get me to cum. I actually scream out to him, in a worshipping away when he started to my g-spot dead on. My hold body started to twitch and squirm on its own from the intense pleasure he was creating. Before soon I came so hard, my eyes rolled into the back my head, my mouth in agape as I threw my head back and arched my back once more as I scream in pleasure seem to echo off the walls. Before soon slender started to slow down just let me breath as he was close to cumming as well. Before quickly turning me over with my ass in the air still stretched by his tentacles as he re-entered me and seem give a small apology before he when full out fucking on my pussy, I tighten up even more as I still coming down from my high orgasm. I cried out as I seem to cum again. About 2 minutes later we both ending cumming at the same time. Which was the last, thankfully. I was panting so hard and covered in sweat I too tried to even move. God, it was the best sex I'll probable will ever have in my female life…. With that as my last thought as I drifted off too sleep.


The next morning I woke up absolutely sore down between my legs, but I didn't really care because last night was worth it. I then turned over and saw the time on a clock, I stared at it in disbelief it was 9 in the morning. Wow I guess I need the extra sleep, I then looked over to slender sleeping closely to me as he arms where rapped around my waist lightly. I was wanting to get up but I didn't want to disturb his slumber. But about 20 seconds go by and suddenly, Mother Nature was calling, and had to ruin the mood. As I started to slip of his grip to get up with out waking him up, I was sudden brought back into his arms.

"Morning” I hear him spoke sleepy, “and are you going off too, toby?”
I kinda blush because of the embarrassment that I going to be creating, “to the bathroom, master” I blushed heavily. I could tell he a bit amused but loosen his grip on me and I ran to the bathroom, and closed the door to do what I when in there for. Afterward I then noticed in the mirror the girl that was me and then noticed the marking that litter my shoulder and neck and breasts. I blushed so hard that this was me from last night, and I was still a bit limply from last night romping. I then saw the bruises on my hips when he held me, I didn't even feel him digging into my skin, as I saw some cuts where his fingers were.
I sighed, and thought about a shower but I don't have clean clothes. At the moment, Ahhh fuck it I'm taking a shower. I turned the water on in the fairly nice looking bathroom, master had very tall ceilings and everything seem to be normal, not to tall of a sink or anything else. The style I guess you can said modern classic vibe to the room, with its dark wood cabinets and pale white marble counters with the modern sinks that had the Fossett coming out the mirror. And everything else was sleek and elegant to fit master personality.

As the shower started to rain down from the rain shower head from the ceiling that was surround by black marble that had gold veins inside them with sliver, and white. As the floor and a pebble texture to the shower floor as the bathroom was in white bamboo title.
As the water started to heat up to my temperature I got in and let the warm water soak into my skin as I stood there before quickly then cleaning myself up and washing my hair. After I finished and turning the water off,  I grab a towel and dried myself off. And squeeze out as much water out my water as possible before drying it. With that all done, I head back into the now dark room and saw the bed empty. He probably had to go do something, I thought as I when to throw my clothes back on, only to be stop by a tentacle around my waist as slender pulled me towards him. Before I could say something he turned me around and laid me on the bed, confused at first, until he started to lick my cuts and bruise he did last night with his black tongues and they started to heal after he licked them. I couldn't help but blush at this as he was close to my lower region as he healed my wounds.
After that he then got off me and when to the bathroom, I sighed and decide to quickly get dress and leave, after writing a quick note to him.


After finding my way but to my room, I quickly stripped out the clothes I had on and lucky I had a spear jacket that was similar to my favorite one but a bit darker. After bandaging and getting dressed I headed out to the kitchen to realized that there wasn't very much noise going on in the house, which was strange but good. As I when grab a apple and quickly head out side to walk threw the forest, it felt like a great day to go for a walk and possibly get some victims that slenderman had told me about that like to wander around his forest that aren't in his trap. As I was watching my surroundings I heard a faint rustle of a planet near by, I looked over to see what it was but before I could see who it was I was tackled to the ground.

……. Hang cliff!!!!!

Heheh, I can't believe how much I wrote in one day I wrote about 4 in half pages XD holy cow! And I hope your enjoying this story guys as much as I am :3
And who do you think it is that attack toby? You comment on who you think it is >:3 and then you'll have to fine out who it is in the next chapter >:3
How ticci Toby became a girl chap.2
Toby belong to his Rightful owner and the other CPs as well! 
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Storyline (c) stormdeathstar9
My new tattoo! by Stormdeathstar9
My new tattoo!
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Toby and splash by Stormdeathstar9
Toby and splash
Toby belong to his rightful owner! 
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Ticci Toby (02) by Stormdeathstar9
Ticci Toby (02)
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Ticci toby belong to his rightful owner
Image by Stormdeathstar9
Image by Stormdeathstar9
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